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GOP Rep. Peter King: Cantor Loss May Spur Another Shutdown Stunt

From the clip: “What Ted Cruz did last year was suicidal,” King said, alluding to the Cruz-engineered government shutdown that cost the GOP mightily in the polls last October. “I hope that doesn’t become party policy. So we can’t allow Eric’s defeat last night allow the Ted Cruzes and Rand Pauls to take over the party, or their disciples to …

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Sarah Palin Cheers Cantor’s Loss

“Congratulations to Dave Brat in Virginia on such an encouraging victory tonight! You shocked the political world and reminded D.C. that power lies with We the People and not any conventional party establishment. Dave Brat was massively outspent (more than 10 to 1) and laughed off by most, but he won the trust of voters the old fashioned way – …

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BREAKING: GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Appears Headed For Defeat UPDATE: AP Calls It, Cantor Has Lost

Just a few hours ago, the Washington Post published this: A conservative challenger is expected to fall far short of defeating House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) in Tuesday’s congressional primary. Disorganization and poor funding have stymied the campaign of tea party activist David Brat, even as he tapped into conservative resentment toward a party leader who has been courting …

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