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Jack Burkman: I Canceled My Michael Sam Protest Due To Death Threats

“I and others in my organization received death threats over the phone Saturday and early Sunday. We took them very seriously and I did not want to risk anyone’s life to send a message. Whether gay radical activists or others made these threats is not clear yet. What is clear is that there are those who oppose us so vehemently …

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Hate Group American Decency: We’re Not The Hate Group Protesting Michael Sam

This morning the Dallas CBS affiliate reported that a group called American Decency will be protesting against Michael Sam at this weekend’s Cowboys game. Another group calling themselves American Decency, about whom I’ve written in the past, wants you to know while they definitely hate homosexuals, they aren’t behind the alleged protest in Dallas. We started the day with hate …

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DALLAS: Christian Group To Protest Against Michael Sam At Cowboys Game
UPDATE: This Story Is A Likely Hoax

Crackpot Christian activist and alleged GOP lobbyist Jack Burkman says his group will protest against Michael Sam at Sunday’s Dallas Cowboys game. The group American Decency says thousands of right-wing Christians will demonstrate at AT&T Stadium Sunday to protest the Dallas Cowboys signing Michael Sam to its practice squad. Sam is the first openly gay player drafted to the NFL. …

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