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Fox News Host Dagen McDowell: Teachers Unions Are “Power Hungry Science Deniers Who Clearly Hate Kids”

Crooks & Liars reports: Dagen McDowell suddenly cares about kids getting school lunches, and she was there to bash the teachers’ union for that, because Fox News really loves to blame teachers’ unions for everything. Who does she think has been taking care of those needy students during this pandemic, anyway? TEACHERS have made sure those kids get lunch. You …

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Fox Contributor On Admissions Scandal: If Your Idiot Kid Is Too Stupid To Get Into Yale, Why Does It Matter?

“The parents of idiot children, who they were embarrassed by, had to go out and pay massive amounts of dollars and basically commit crimes to get their kids into school. It’s just appalling. “Like, if the kid is so stupid they can’t get into Yale or USC, why does it matter? Again their daughter, who they got into USC, she …

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Fox Anchor: Sen. Elizabeth Warren Is A Communist

“One thing to watch when you see poll after poll on these Democratic candidates, are the Democratic primary voters saying they’re going to vote for a candidate based on their principles, and their ideas, and their policy issues, or are they simply going to vote for the candidate they think has the best chance of beating President Trump? Because a …

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