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Arizona “Fraudit” Group Faces $50,000 Per Day Fine

The Associated Press reports: A judge said Thursday he will fine Cyber Ninjas, the contractor that led Arizona Republicans’ 2020 election review, $50,000 a day if the firm doesn’t immediately turn over public records related to the unprecedented inquiry. The judge found Cyber Ninjas in contempt for its failure to turn over documents, which two Maricopa County judges and the …

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Questions Arise About Cyber Ninjas CEO’s Mortgage

Raw Story reports: Doug Logan, the CEO of Cyber Ninjas, finished paying off a $423,000 mortgage on his Florida home on the same day the company’s emergency pandemic relief loan was forgiven by the federal government, according to a report in the Sarasota Daily-Herald. Logan purchased a $445,000 home on four acres in Sarasota in 2017, taking out a loan …

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Arizona’s QAnon Cyber Ninjas Claim They’re All Sick With COVID, House Democrats Threaten Legal Action

CNBC reports: Cyber Ninjas, the private firm leading a partisan and much-criticized audit of millions of ballots cast in Arizona during the 2020 election, has refused to comply with a congressional probe into the company, House Democrats said. In a letter dated Sunday to Cyber Ninjas CEO Douglas Logan, the Democrats said they “will be forced to consider other steps …

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