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Environmental activists and the usual clingers-on to any social movement will gather near the BP station on Houston Street in downtown Manhattan tonight to protest the oil giant’s culpability in the Gulf oil spill. Code Pink is involved. Ooh, and those always gentle folks from Critical Mass. I predict mayhem. Here’s the action’s fact sheet, via Gothamist. The response to …

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Critical Mess II

There was trouble during NYC’s Critical Mass this weekend too. Via Gawker, watch a cop totally bodyslam a rider to the ground as the ride passes through Times Square. The rider was initially charged with resisting arrest and assaulting an officer for “aiming” his bike at the cop. But we’re in the YouTube era and the video seems to tell …

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Critical Mess

A huge kerfuffle has erupted in Seattle over this weekend’s Critical Mass cyclists’ rights event in which a driver hit two cyclists, then was pulled from his vehicle and hit in the head with a bike lock while uninjured cyclists smashed his windows and slashed his tires. There are many conflicting reports on Slog. Cyclists are claiming that the driver …

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