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Today In Creepy Weirdos

From his website: Brother Nathanael Kapner is a recognized monastic with the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Of Russia (ROCOR). He resides in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. After eight years of monastic communal life (1996-2005), Brother Nathanael has been engaged in a public mission through his Street Evangelism efforts and as an Internet publicist. His most recent endeavor as President …

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Anti-Gay Gainesville Man Busted For Doing What He Warned LGBT Rights Would Bring

You may recall the nasty anti-gay campaign to repeal Gainesville, Florida’s LGBT rights law, during which images of men creeping into ladies’ rooms was used as a scare tactic against transgender rights. The repeal failed, but now comes word of the arrest of one of the repeal’s petition gatherers. For creeping into ladies’ rooms and filming them! The CVS Pharmacy …

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Foley Faces Possible Charges In Florida

ABC News is reporting that Florida law enforcement officials are building a possible case against disgraced former Rep. Mark “measure it for me” Foley (R-FL) for sending lewd messages to minors on the internet. The decision on whether to bring charges is said to be a month away and will depend on the testimony of the former congressional pages who …

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