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Gays Shop At Crate & Barrel!!!

Somebody call One Million Moms, because two homosexual men are featured in the latest Crate & Barrel campaign, where they can be seen shamelessly flaunting their perversion all over their artfully staged fauxtique home. (Tipped by JMG reader Diane)

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Gay Couple Takes Second Place in Crate & Barrel’s $100,000 Wedding Contest

Gregory Jones and Jonathan Howard have finished in second place in Crate & Barrel’s $100,000 Dream Wedding Contest. They and the other gay couples in the contest generated quite a lot of positive press for the marriage equality movement (as well as some internet nastiness, of course.) Today they write via email: To those of you who stood alongside us, …

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Gay Couple Competes In Wedding Contest

Mikey and Earl write to let us know they are competing in Crate & Barrel’s “Ultimate Wedding Contest” whose winners will be chosen by an online poll. Their dream wedding: I’ve thought long and hard about how to pull off the most spectacular gay wedding New York City has ever seen. If this dream comes true, (1) the celebration will …

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