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Alt-Right Hollywood Has-Been James Woods Quits Twitter, Doesn’t Understand The First Amendment

Via Mediaite: As Twitter launches its crackdown on the alt-right, actor James Woods has announced that he’s quitting the website in protest of their “censorship.” On his profile, Wood’s bio now reads “Twitter has now sadly abdicated its position as a sole beacon of free speech. Voltaire’s famous dictum has been quietly buried by these left wing savages.” Woods’ tweet …

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Anti-Abortion Nutter Randall Terry: Send Me $200K To Protect Me From Muslims

Infamous anti-abortion activist Randall Terry claims have gotten death threats sent by somebody in a Texas town not far from the Geller shooting. “Coincidence? God knows.” Terry would very much like it if people would send him $200,000 to protect his family from these Muslims. Oh, and also so he can finish his anti-Muslim movie. Coincidence? God knows. RELATED: Randall …

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Crackpot E.W. Jackson: Christians Are Ready To Die Over Same-Sex Marriage

“People have to remember Christians have died for our faith. We have died for our commitment for  the word of God. So the idea that those of us who believe are just going to roll over due to social pressure when we know that we follow a long line of heroes of the faith who have surrendered everything? We’re certainly …

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