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Alt-Right Hollywood Has-Been James Woods Quits Twitter, Doesn’t Understand The First Amendment

Via Mediaite: As Twitter launches its crackdown on the alt-right, actor James Woods has announced that he’s quitting the website in protest of their “censorship.” On his profile, Wood’s bio now reads “Twitter has now sadly abdicated its position as a sole beacon of free speech. Voltaire’s famous dictum has been quietly buried by these left wing savages.” Woods’ tweet …

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Anti-Abortion Nutter Randall Terry: Send Me $200K To Protect Me From Muslims

Infamous anti-abortion activist Randall Terry claims have gotten death threats sent by somebody in a Texas town not far from the Geller shooting. “Coincidence? God knows.” Terry would very much like it if people would send him $200,000 to protect his family from these Muslims. Oh, and also so he can finish his anti-Muslim movie. Coincidence? God knows. RELATED: Randall …

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