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Covidiot Calls 911 On Pet Shop Because “Per The 1964 Civil Rights Act” She Doesn’t Have To Wear Face Mask

The New York Post reports: A woman called 911 for being denied entry into a California pet store because she wasn’t wearing a mask — claiming she has a “religious exemption right and God-given right” that are protected under the Civil Rights Act. Aidan Bearpaw, who works at Bones-N-Scones in Palm Springs, recorded the tense encounter on Sunday and posted …

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Covidiot Gets Pepper Spray After Mask Confrontation

CBS News reports: A confrontation inside of a Ralphs grocery store in the Mid-Wilshire section of Los Angeles turned hostile after a man refused to wear a face covering. Witnesses said a store employee told the man he had to wear a face covering or leave the store, as required by Los Angeles County as part of efforts to curtail …

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VIRAL VIDEO: Covidiot Fights His Way Into Walmart

The New York Post reports: A defiant shopper fought his way into a Florida Walmart after he was denied entry for refusing to wear a face mask, a viral video shows. The clip, which has been viewed 4 million times, shows the gray-haired man scuffling with an employee at the Orlando superstore Saturday — the same day face masks became …

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