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Randian Correction Of The Day

Gawker points out that over 100,000 DVD copies of Atlas Shrugged are being recalled because the box insert commits the VERY non-libertarian crime of mentioning “self-sacrifice.” “It’s embarrassing for sure and of course, regardless of how or why it happened, we’re all feeling responsible right now.” says Scott DeSapio, Atlas Productions’ COO and Communications Director “You can imagine how mortified …

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Who Likes Wet People?

Language Log demonstrates, rather convincingly, that Crazy Eyes had made made a reference to the weather. And not any band that preceded her on stage, as our initial source reported.

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Correction Of The Day

From the Washington Post: A Nov. 26 article in the District edition of Local Living incorrectly said a Public Enemy song declared 9/11 a joke. The song refers to 911, the emergency phone number. Get up-uh, get get get down.

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