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Oklahoma Senate Votes To Exempt State From Federal Hate Crimes Law

Oklahoma state Sen. Steve Russell’s bill to exempt his state from complying with the federal hate crimes law has passed overwhelmingly. Under the new provisions of Senate Bill 1965, reports that were collected during investigations of possible hate crime that did not end in a conviction would be destroyed or kept by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Russell said …

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Oklahoma Legislator Wants Exemption To Hate Crimes Law In Order To End State’s Raging Corpse-Fucking Epidemic

Oklahoma state Sen. Steve Russell (R) plans to submit a bill that would authorize the state to opt out of the recently passed Matthew Shepard Act. Because it discriminates against the right to hate queers and would hinder the prosecution of corpse fuckers. SRSLY. “The federal government should not be creating a special class of people, and that is just …

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