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Twitter Deletes Trump Junior’s Comparison Of Refugees To Poisoned Skittles Over Image Copyright Claim

Ten days ago Donald Trump Jr. gained widespread scorn after he posted a tweet which compared Syrian refugees to a bowl of poisoned Skittles. Two days later it was learned that the British amateur photographer who had posted the original Skittles photo to Flickr is a former refugee himself and that he detests Donald Trump. The photographer told the press …

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Spotify Hit With $150M Class Action Royalties Lawsuit

Vocativ reports: Spotify is facing a $150 million class action lawsuit—led by David Lowery, the frontman for the band Cracker—arguing that Spotify hasn’t been securing the proper licenses for all of the music it offers, and hasn’t been paying royalties to all deserving parties. Using his own tracks as examples, Lowery claims that Spotify has been willfully operating in this …

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