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“Constitutional Sheriffs” Hold Conference On Using Militias And “Citizen Armies” To Stop Migrant “Voters”

Wired reports: Election deniers are now advocating for a far-right sheriff’s group called the Constitutional Sheriffs to recruit an army of like-minded citizens to patrol polling stations and stop the “expected flood” of “illegal” immigrant voters. Constitutional Sheriffs are a group of elected sheriffs around the country who believe that they hold the ultimate power in their county, and are …

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Indicted Maryland Sheriff Belongs To Extremist Group

Media Matters reports: Frederick County, Maryland, Sheriff Charles “Chuck” Jenkins, a regular Fox News guest, has been indicted for conspiracy and false statements in an illegal machine gun acquisition scheme allegedly carried out over more than six years. During that time, Jenkins appeared on Fox News to repeatedly demonize immigrants, paint them as criminals, and call for harsher penalties to …

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Slate: Inside The Push To Recruit Far-Right Sheriffs

Slate reports: Last November, the Claremont Institute hosted its inaugural class of “Sheriff Fellows.” Over the course of a week, eight sheriffs—all white men—chosen from the more than 3,000 in the country stayed at the Waterfront Beach Resort in Huntington Beach, California, attending a series of discussions, lectures, and fireside chats steeped in the far-right-wing think tank’s heady intellectualism and …

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