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Canada’s Right Wing Party Tells Truckers To Go Home

The CBC reports: After publicly supporting the anti-vaccine mandate activists protesting in Ottawa in recent weeks, interim Conservative leader Candice Bergen said Thursday it’s time for the convoy and other protesters blocking two major border crossings to end their demonstrations and go home. Bergen, who has called the convoy a “passionate, patriotic and peaceful” group of Canadians concerned about freedom …

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Canada’s Conservative Party Votes To Oust Leader In Part Because He Backed Law Banning Ex-Gay Torture

The CBC reports: A majority of Conservative MPs today voted to remove Erin O’Toole as party leader, paving the way for another leadership race only 18 months after the party finished the last one. The result wasn’t particularly close: 73 of the 118 MPs on hand — the party’s caucus chair, Scott Reid, did not cast a ballot — voted …

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CANADA: Conservative Party Formally Ends “Obsolete” Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage By 2-1 Vote

The Globe & Mail reports: The federal Conservative Party shed its official aversion to gay marriage this weekend as rank-and-file members voted to remove the traditional definition of wedlock from their policy book – part of an effort to recast the Tories after bidding farewell to founder Stephen Harper. “It’s about telling Canadians that you can love whom you want,” …

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