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Product Placing The Gays

For years advertisers have given sly, subtle nods to homo consumers, a phenomenon coined by the Commercial Closet as “gay vague.” Ramping up the visibility ever so slightly, a few brands have begun placing logos known mostly only to gays in their ads. Below left, an Orbitz ad features a man wearing an HRC golf shirt. Below right, an ad …

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GLAAD Takes Over Commercial Closet, Fires Its Founder

In early 2008, GLAAD and the Commercial Closet, the fairness-to-gays advertising advocacy group founded by Michael Wilke, decided to merge. Milke says he thought he was going to continue to a position running the Commercial Closet for GLAAD, but only found this week out via press release that he’d been terminated. Negotiations for a January 2009 merger had been all …

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