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Gay Bachelor Star Regrets Not Coming Out Sooner: I Had The Chance In 2014 When Michael Sam Came Out

Variety reports: The future star of “The Bachelor” had been hiding his sexuality — from his family, his friends and himself — for his entire life. Underwood knew, at the age of six, that he was different; by his early teenage years, he knew he was attracted to men. But growing up in a religious and conservative small town, especially …

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Gay Bachelor Star: I Was Blackmailed Over “Spa” Visit

Variety reports: Colton Underwood takes a deep breath, as he tells this story for the first time. According to him, last year, while living in Los Angeles, he secretly visited a spa known for catering to gay clientele. Shortly thereafter, he received an anonymous email, which has been reviewed by Variety, from someone claiming to have taken his nude photos …

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