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Oregon Is First State To Decriminalize Hard Drugs

Portland’s NBC News reports: Fifty years after the War On Drugs began in the 1970s, Oregon voters decided on an alternative path: decriminalization for user-amounts of illicit substances and accompanying recovery treatment options instead of jail time. Oregonians have approved Measure 110, which decriminalizes possession of small amounts of heroin, cocaine, LSD, oxycodone and some other drugs, according to the …

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Stephen Colbert: Trump Seemed Like He Was On Coke, He Was Like Scarface But With More Face [VIDEO]

Entertainment Weekly reports: The first meme of Monday night’s presidential debate was Donald Trump’s constant sniffling, and it didn’t take long for Stephen Colbert to mock the GOP nominee for his runny nose. During his monologue on Monday’s live edition of The Late Show, Colbert called out Trump’s sniffles, joking that Trump “sounded like he was fighting off a cold …

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The Cocaine Vaccine

As work progresses on the cocaine “vaccine,” the aim of which is to prevent users from getting high, some are discussing whether it should be made available to parents who want to preemptively give it to their children. Right wingers have “joked” that it should be put into the water supply of public housing projects. The PBS clip below discusses …

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