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Poor Amy Contrada

The Claudia Contrada story hit Free Republic tonight and quite amusingly, most of the Freepers are ripping on her MOTHER. Oh, the delicious irony. -“Claudia’s parents are idiots. They “reluctantly” let their daughter preform in this pro-homosexual play and then turn around and express amazement that this happens! I mean really, how stupid does one have to be. It would …

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Claudia Contrada: New Poster Child For The Cruelties Of The Right-Wing

Last week I told you about Massachusetts teen Claudia Contrada, who bravely came out despite her mother’s anti-gay activism with the loathsome MassResistance. Claudia’s story caused a flurry of interest from local gay rights organizations. She was invited to appear at a Massachusetts Youth Pride event and publications such as Bay Windows and the Boston Globe requested interviews. Claudia even …

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