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Anti-Vax Leader: The Antidote To COVID Is Drinking Pee

The Daily Beast reports: Anti-COVID-19 “Vaccine Police” leader Christopher Key has a new quarter-baked conspiracy theory for his anti-vax followers to use to cure themselves of COVID-19: Drink their own urine. “The antidote that we have seen now, and we have tons and tons of research, is urine therapy. OK, and I know to a lot of you this sounds …

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Heavily Armed Anti-Vax Extremist Jailed In Alabama

The Daily Beast reports: On Tuesday afternoon, anti-vax “Vaccine Police” leader Christopher Paul Key was arrested and booked into Jefferson County Jail in Birmingham, Alabama, stemming from a criminal trespassing in the third degree charge. A Jefferson County Jail representative confirmed to the Daily Beast Tuesday evening that Key is being held without bond. The anti-vaxxer, who “serves” packets of …

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Heavily Armed Anti-Vax Man Harasses State Officials

The Daily Beast reports: Anti-COVID-19 vaccine “Vaccine Police” organization leader Christopher Key, who has proudly claimed he would soon arrest Democrat Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards over vaccine mandates, has set off on a cross-country road trip with a fake badge and high capacity firearms. In a series of Telegram messages posted over the past week, Key has visited countless …

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