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Authorities Intervene At Home Of 12 Year-Old “Ex-Gay” YouTuber

Edge Boston is reporting that local authorities have visited the home of ChristianU2uber, the 12 year-old boy who came out as “ex-gay” on YouTube and became the hero of the Christianist right after suffering hundreds of vicious comments. [C]oncern voiced at Internet news resources, blogs, and forums for Scott’s well-being seem to have had a result. EDGE received an email …

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12 Year-Old Goes “Ex-Gay” On YouTube

“I used to be gay but then I decided it was wrong and I stopped it. Now I’m very interested in girls,” says 12 year-old YouTuber ChristianU2uber in a clip posted two weeks ago. He says he learned that being gay was a sin on the news. Christianist site WorldNetDaily has taken an interest in the kid and yesterday posted …

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