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Christianity Today: The Biggest Loser In The Alabama Senate Race Is Our “Severely Tarnished Christian Faith”

From the editor-in-chief of Christianity Today: No matter the outcome of today’s special election in Alabama for a coveted US Senate seat, there is already one loser: Christian faith. When it comes to either matters of life and death or personal commitments of the human heart, no one will believe a word we say, perhaps for a generation. Christianity’s integrity …

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Christianity Today Denounces Donald Trump: He’s The Very Embodiment Of What The Bible Calls A Fool

Christianity Today‘s scathing pussygate editorial is making lots of news today. An excerpt: This past week, the latest (though surely not last) revelations from Trump’s past have caused many evangelical leaders to reconsider. This is heartening, but it comes awfully late. What Trump is, everyone has known and has been able to see for decades, let alone the last few …

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