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Moving Boxes For The Obamas

Christian Newswire today promotes a campaign to send 25,000 moving boxes to the White House. The boxes depict the First Lady eating a hamburger while the president smokes and warns the moving men not damage a bust of his “hero,” Karl Marx. “We don’t like his policies, lack of leadership, traveling the globe and trashing America and feeding tax dollars …

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Christian Group: If We Repeal DADT, Soldiers Will Get AIDS

Christian Newswire, which normally flogs the bleatings of the Family Research Council, has just sent out the below press release from some outfit called America’s Survival titled Disease-tainted Gay Blood Threatens Our Troops! “A vote to repeal the homosexual exclusion policy would inevitably mean more disease and death for members of our Armed Forces,” stated Cliff Kincaid, the veteran journalist …

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Christian Leader: Don’t Worry About Gay Marriage, Worry About Your Own Lives

Well, this is one of the more interesting items to pop up on Christian Newswire. Pastor Ken Eastburn, who leads a network of at-home worshippers in California and Colorado, says that regardless of the outcome of the Prop 8 trial, Christians should worry less about imposing their own morality on others and worry more about their own lives. “It is …

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