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Tony Perkins: “Trump Tests Positive For Fearlessness”

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins: He meant it as an insult, but when Chris Rock mentioned the president’s condition on “Saturday Night Live” and said, “my heart goes out to COVID,” the White House probably chuckled in agreement. If there’s one person the virus probably regrets infecting, it’s a fighter like Donald Trump. From the minute he …

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Franklin Graham On Ukraine Scandal: “Give It A Rest”

“I wish President Donald J. Trump’s enemies would give it a rest. For two years all the American people heard was collusion. Not true. Then accusation after accusation seemed to come out of the woodwork by various women. Then all we heard was impeachment, impeachment. Now it’s a whistleblower claim. “When will this ever end? The president was elected to …

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Franklin Graham Slams Trump’s “Disgraceful” Policy Of “Ripping Apart” Migrant Families At The Border [VIDEO]

“First of all, I think it’s disgraceful. It’s terrible to see families ripped apart and I don’t support that one bit. And I blame the politicians for the last 20, 30 years that have allowed this to escalate to the point where it is today. We are a country of laws; laws need to be obeyed, no question about that. …

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