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Notorious Canadian Anti-Vax Extremist Plans To Shut Down Toronto Mass Transit In “Rosa Parks Challenge”

Blog Toronto reports: Anti-vaccine dude-bro Chris “Sky” Saccoccia is apparently still pissed off about everything, and is riling up his legions of bumper-stickered minions to bring their unmasked, unvaccinated face holes to a public transit line near you. Gross. But you want to know what’s even more outrageously disgusting? He’s calling his quest to make your Oct. 30 commute a …

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Canadian Anti-Vax Leader Begs “Fucking Idiots” To Stop Calling Him After Giving Number Out At Rally [VIDEO]

The Insider reports: Last Saturday, Canadian conspiracy theorist Christopher Saccoccia, also known by the pseudonym Chris Sky, gave out his phone number during the “Just Say No” anti-vax rally at Toronto’s Eaton Centre where he repeatedly compared vaccine passports to slavery. Saccoccia gave out his phone number in an attempt to organize anti-vax protests with “substance,” which he defined as …

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