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NORTH CAROLINA: Homocons Threaten Charlotte Pride Sponsors With Boycott If They Don’t Withdraw Support

Charlotte’s Spectrum News reports: Deplorable Pride started as a small group. “Now everybody want’s to be a part of all this,” co-founder Brian Talbert said. Since threatening legal action against Charlotte Pride, its reach has grown. Appearing on Fox News, CNN and major conservative websites like Drudge Report. Deplorable Pride is now using that audience to threaten a boycott of …

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Charlotte Pride Bans Homocons From Parade [VIDEO]

They say they’re going to sue. Charlotte’s Fox affiliate reports: A group says Charlotte Pride is pushing them out of the Gay Pride Parade because they support President Trump. “I’m very proud of my country, proud of my president, and was once proud of my community,” said Brian Talbert, who said he’s proud to be gay and proud to be …

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Nutjob Flip Benham Attempts To Disrupt Charlotte Pride By Screaming About Penises And Rectums [VIDEO]

Earlier this month loony anti-LGBT activist Flip Benham crashed a meeting of the Charlotte City Council to scream that the streets and schools of the city will soon run with blood over transgender rights. This weekend Benham attempted to disrupt Charlotte Pride by screaming over a loudspeaker from a vehicle parked near one of the stages. Watch below as Benham …

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