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Fox News Contributor: COVID Is “99.999% Survivable”

“No, misinformation comes when people like you try to politicize a disease that is 99.999% survivable. That’s the problem here. “And when politicians and people who work for politicians choose to take something like a pandemic and turn it into a political cudgel in order to get more power, that’s how people wind up being misinformed and that’s how people …

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State TV Guest: You Could Shut Down Half Of The Government And Americans Wouldn’t Notice For Years

“You could shut down half of the government agencies and literally it would be years, if it were not for the media, it would be years before the regular person, the normal, average working American would even know that the department had been shut down — in terms of how much it effects their lives. You could shut the Department …

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State TV Guest Hails Collapse Of North Korea Summit: Trump’s “Scalding Honesty” Is Real Breath Of Fresh Air

“I think this move today only serves to sort of strengthen Trump’s hand here. And I think that these guys are to be commended for it. We’re not getting announcements from the White House – we’re getting the letter that the president sent the chairman. This is the transparency and the sort of scalding honesty that is on display here …

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