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Palin: I’m Ready!
World: No, You’re Not.

From the New York Times: “I’m ready,” Ms. Palin answered without any hesitation in an interview with ABC News on Thursday, saying she had felt no doubt about accepting Senator John McCain’s offer to run as his vice-presidential nominee. “I answered him yes, because I have the confidence in that readiness and knowing that you can’t blink,” Ms. Palin told …

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Sarah Palin: The Charles Gibson Interview

It’s rather fascinating that Palin has never heard of the Bush Doctrine. Gibson: Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine? Palin: In what respect, Charlie? Gibson: What do you interpret it to be? Palin: His worldview. Gibson: No, No, the Bush Doctrine. He enunciated it in September 2002, before the Iraq War.Palin: I believe that what President Bush has attempted …

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