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NEW NO PROMO HOMO: Arizona Hate Group Advances Bill Requiring Parents To Opt-In For LGBTQ Education

The Associated Press reports: Two years after Arizona lawmakers repealed a ban on any HIV/AIDS instruction that “promotes a homosexual lifestyle” as they faced a lawsuit, they have approved revamping the state’s sex education laws to make them some of the strictest in the nation when it comes to teaching about LGBTQ issues. The measure pushed by a powerful social …

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Local Haters Have The Arizona Sadz

“I am heartbroken for a country and a state that has had the redefinition of marriage forced upon them by an out of control federal judiciary. In what amounts to the de-facto Roe v Wade of marriage, voters throughout the nation have watched their voices be silenced, and their votes voided. Now, Arizona’s marriage amendment and our voters are the …

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PhoboQuotable – Cathi Herrod

“It’s one thing to disagree on the issue of same-sex marriage. It’s quite a different matter to label those of us — really the millions not only in California and Arizona, but throughout this country — who stand for marriage between one man and one woman as ‘haters.’ Mrs. McCain has effectively called all of us ‘haters.’ That surprises me. …

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