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Anti-Vax Cultists Burn Their Carhartt To Own The Libs

A couple of days ago the CEO of Carhartt emailed employees to say that the company’s vaccine mandate would remain in place despite the Supreme Court’s ruling against the mandate for large companies. Calls to boycott Carhartt predictably erupted, with Charlie Kirk and Glenn Beck leading the campaign. Since then, cultists have taken to social media with videos showing themselves …

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Cultists Call For Boycotting Carhartt Over Vax Mandate

Market Watch reports: Carhartt CEO Mark Valade sent an email to his employees stating that the Michigan-based workwear company founded in 1889 will still require workers to vaccinate against COVID. Workers have to be vaccinated by Feb. 15. Carhartt verified the contents of the email to MarketWatch. It was sent to employees last Friday, but the message was being shared …

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