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Handicapper Moves Virginia US House Race To Toss Up

From the Cook Political Report: In Cameron Webb, Democrats may have found their own “unicorn:” a young Black doctor who graduated from UVA, has treated COVID patients, whose wife (also a physician) is from rural Southside and whose father served in law enforcement for 20 years. In his ads, Webb talks about the need for bipartisanship and his experience “working …

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Ad For GOP House Nominee Superimposes Photo Of Black Opponent Over Images Of Street Riots [VIDEO]

The Washington Post reports: Virginia Republican Bob Good dropped his first congressional campaign ad Monday, showing Cameron Webb, his Democratic opponent, against images of rioting in an unidentified location and trying to paint Webb as a “radical” who supports forced government health care and defunding the police. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee condemned the ad as a “racist dog whistle.” …

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