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Burj Dubai Opens Today

More than twice as tall as the Empire State, the Burj Dubai officially opens today in a heavy cloak of security. Dubai is set to open the world’s tallest building Monday as the city seeks to revitalize its economy after a debt crisis in 2009 that forced the once-hot financial center to turn to neighboring Abu Dhabi for help. The …

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Photo Of The Day – Burj Dubai

Gizmodo notes that the Burj Dubai, “the world’s tallest, most absurdly ostentatious building,” has become the literal lightening rod of the Middle East. That lightning seeks out the Burj Dubai isn’t particularly surprising; the Empire State Building gets hit all the time. But given the relative infrequency of electrical storms in that region of the world, folks are starting to …

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Empire Envy

The two shots below are computer renderings of the view from the Empire State Building and what the view would be, were the ESB as tall as the almost-completed Burj Dubai, which is over 1000 feet taller even though Dubai suffers no lack of available land, relative to Manhattan. More comparisons are here. As a skyscraper junkie, I’d love to …

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