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GOP Rep With Five Personal Bankruptcies Opposes Biden’s Student Loan Relief: “Debt Cannot Be Canceled”

The Salt Lake Tribune reports: Utah’s Rep. Burgess Owens will chair a congressional hearing on the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness plan later this week. The program, which cancels up to $20,000 of student loan debt for tens of millions of borrowers, is currently on hold pending a ruling from the Supreme Court. In a press release, Owens telegraphed how …

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GOP Rep-Elects Form Anti-Squad “Freedom Force”

Business Insider reports: A group of incoming Republican House members are banding together and calling themselves the “Freedom Force” in an attempt to oppose the Democratic Party’s progressive “Squad.” One member of the new GOP group, Rep.-elect Burgess Owens of Utah, told Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” that they will offer “a contrast to the hard left.” “We have a …

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Utah GOP US House Candidate Accused Of Plagiarism

Media Matters reports: Right-wing pundit and U.S. House candidate Burgess Owens, who is scheduled to speak on August 26 at the Republican National Convention, plagiarized numerous passages in his most recent book Why I Stand: From Freedom to the Killing Fields of Socialism. Owens lifted material from sources ranging from Wikipedia to a relatively obscure blog for sections on subjects …

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