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Brookstone To Shutter All 101 Of Its Mall Stores

The death of physical retail grinds on: Brookstone, the ubiquitous seller of cool but largely unneeded things, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection again and will close the 101 of its stores that are located in malls. Malls have suffered for years due to far-reaching shifts in the way that Americans shop for just about everything, which has diminished …

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Faux News Takes On Story Of Man Fired From Brookstone For Bigotry

Fox News has picked up the story of Peter Vadala, the man who was fired from a Boston-area Brookstone for telling a lesbian coworker to shut up about her impending marriage. A JMG reader has provided me with screenshots of virulently homophobic Facebook postings made by Vadala, which I have provided to Brookstone corporate offices in case they are helpful …

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Boston: Fired Brookstone Manager Claims Religious Discrimination Over His Anti-Gay Workplace Comments

Anti-gay hate group MassResistance is championing the case of a Boston airport Brookstone manager who was fired for telling a lesbian co-worker to stop discussing her upcoming marriage while at work. Brookstone’s termination letter to Peter Vadala told him his actions constituted harassment. Below, Vadala pleads his case, which has been picked up by Free Republic, World Net Daily, and …

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