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WATCH THIS: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Tells The Truth About Republican Agenda

Simply brilliant. And not at all unrelated, Sanders is the only openly socialist member of Congress. We need 99 more of him. WATCH THIS.

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Olivia Kickin’ Chipotle Glazed Time-Warner, Rebel Fighter From The Future, Wants You To VOTE On Nov. 2nd

Don’t let Olivia and Alfonso Petfinder dot Flavorblast down!

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Dancing With The Boys

Chris of San Francisco’s Remember The Party hipped me to this incredible performance by two boys who incorporate break-dance moves into a rollicking, hilarious swing-dance routine, in what will undoubtedly become one of YouTube’s most viewed clips. The person who posted the clip slyly disabled blog embedding in order to drive traffic to his NSFW twinkie-porn site (which he links …

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