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KENTUCKY: Lawyer For Deputy Clerk Brian Mason Says Kim Davis Defied Judge By Altering License Forms

The Associated Press reports: The attorney for one of the deputy clerks in Kim Davis’ office says Davis disobeyed a federal judge’s order when she altered marriage license forms for same-sex couples. Deputy Clerk Brian Mason has been issuing marriage licenses in Rowan County over the objections of Davis, the elected county clerk who believes same-sex marriage is a sin. …

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Deputy Clerk Brian Mason: An Unlikely Hero

In an interview with Buzzfeed reporter Dominic Holden, Rowan County Deputy Clerk Brian Mason describes his boss as a “very sweet lady” who doesn’t hate anybody but who has put him “right in the middle” of a national controversy. Mason says that he will continue to issue marriage licenses “because of the judge’s orders and for personal reasons.”  Holden writes: …

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KENTUCKY: Deputy Clerk Brian Mason Issues License To Lesbian Couple As Christians Shout Abuse [VIDEO]

Shannon and Carmen Wampler-Collins were just issued a marriage license by Rowan County Deputy Clerk Brian Mason as Christians INSIDE the office shouted abuse about eternal damnation and “homosexual sodomy.” Buzzfeed reporter Dominic Holden notes that cheers went up for Mason as he processed the license. I’ll add video to this post shortly. UPDATE: Mason has just gone into Davis’ …

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