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Megachurch Pastor Claims His Account Was Hacked After Tweeting Search Terms “Ladies And Girls Kissing”

The Christian Post reports: Former Hillsong Church leader Brian Houston claims his X account was hacked after the account tweeted the words “ladies and girls kissing,” drawing scrutiny from social media users. The post generated reactions among social media users who were voicing their opinions on the post, with some guessing that it could have been a query for an …

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Megachurch Pastor Faces Jail For “Blackout Drunk” DUI

The Christian Post reports: Days after pleading “not guilty” to driving under the influence of alcohol and driving with a blood alcohol content of .08% or more, Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston pled “guilty” to the charges and was sentenced to three years’ probation, a $140 fine and other penalties. He is yet to be sentenced for an enhanced charge …

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Megachurch Pastor Accused Of Child Rape Coverup Allegedly Told Victim “You Tempted My Father” [Video]

The Guardian reports: Hillsong church founder Pastor Brian Houston allegedly told a man who had been repeatedly raped as a child by Houston’s father “you know this is all your fault, you tempted my father,” Sydney’s Downing Centre local court heard on Monday. The man who was sexually assaulted by Pastor Frank Houston as a child said he was pressured …

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