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“Trump Meme Team” Leader: The Second Taylor Swift Endorses Biden We Will “Punish That Bitch” [VIDEO]

Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch: MAGA broadcaster, “life coach,” and Trump campaign troll Brenden Dilley addressed the possibility that Swift may endorse Biden on his program yesterday, urging his fellow Trump cultists to hold their fire until Swift actually makes a decision. “I’m gonna be straight up blunt with you,” Dilley said. “As long as Taylor Swift remains, …

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MAGA Vlogger: The Media Is Covering Up RBG’s Clone

“The answer is going to be one of two things. One: There are cures to cancer that exist that they don’t allow those of us at the lower end of the food chain to receive. That is answer number one. Answer number two is the bitch died and they’ve cloned her numerous times and we don’t know who the fuck …

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MAGA Vlogger Advises Trump World: Attacks On The Left Don’t Have To Be True, They Just Have To Go Viral

“Here’s what I am going to tell you, MAGA, It’s not your responsibility to correct fake news against your enemies. That’s the fucking left’s responsibility. Some of you guys don’t get this, you don’t know how to fight, you’re busy being virtue-signaling dickwads. ‘Dilley, why’d you do the fake news about Liz Warren and the mammy pot?’ Because fuck Elizabeth …

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