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Virginia Distilleries Allowed To Ship Directly To Homes

The Virginian Pilot reports: The liquor laws in Virginia just keep loosening their belts. As of Monday, any of 45 Virginia distilleries can now FedEx or UPS their liquor directly to customers — at least for the duration of the coronavirus state of emergency. The news came came via an announcement on the ABC’s website and Twitter account Monday morning. …

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Vodka Maker: You Can’t Use Us For Hand Sanitizer

Eater reports: Tito’s vodka might be “handmade,” but it’s not made for your hands. The social media team at the Austin-based vodka maker — which is the top-selling spirit in America — is working overtime on Twitter today, forced to repeatedly explain that its product is not a suitable substitute for hand sanitizer — it just smells like it would …

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New Study Links Alcohol And Coffee To Longevity

The Detroit Free Press reports: Readers, we are honored and privileged to bring you the single greatest piece of news you’ve heard in your entire life. A study out of the University of California-Irvine has revealed that consumption of moderate amounts of alcohol and coffee is linked to living a longer life. Re-read that last sentence. There are no typos. …

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