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TONIGHT: Honey Soundsystem’s SPKR

Tonight I’ll be attending a fundraiser party for San Francisco’s GLBT Historical Society. SPEAKER will feature five significant venues from San Francisco’s timeline: I Beam, End Up, Trocadero Transfer, Townsend, and The Box. These parties and the personalities gravitating around them will be portrayed as a multimedia family tree – telling the tales of notorious Sunday Tea Dances, a sexually …

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Disco Archeology

In the last six months, I’ve attended two Saint reunion parties and two Trocadero Transfer reunions, the latest of which was last night’s delightful event at Dance 208, helmed by original Troc DJ Bobby Viteritti. As I wax nostalgic for long-gone gay nightlife far too often on this here website thingy, this time I’ll just provide some clips heard last …

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Saturday: NYC Trocadero Reunion

This Saturday original Trocadero Transfer DJ Bobby Viteritti will spin a reunion party at Dance 208, the NYC LGBT Center’s dance party series. Dance:208 debuts another great new night: a tribute to San Francisco’s legendary gay nightclub from the day Trocadero Transfer with one of its original djs Bobby Viteritti. Trocadero was as famous in its day as The Saint. …

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