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Disney Employees To Walk Out Over “Don’t Say Gay”

The Associated Press reports: With some workers across the U.S. threatening a walkout Tuesday, The Walt Disney Co. finds itself in a balancing act between the expectations of a diverse workforce and demands from an increasingly polarized, politicized marketplace. One of the organizers of the walkout, a New York-based employee, said they were expecting participation by workers with the “privilege” …

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Disney CEO Apologizes For Slow Response To “Don’t Say Gay,” Will Suspend Political Donations In Florida

The Hollywood Reporter reports: Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Chapek apologized to employees at the company for the company’s handling of Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill, and said that it would be pausing political donations in the state. Chapek also said that the company will be “increasing our support for advocacy groups to combat similar legislation in other states.” …

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