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“Bleach Church” Founder: Trump Drank My Product

The Guardian reports: Mark Grenon, the self-styled “archbishop” of the Genesis II “church”, has given an interview from his prison cell in Colombia as he awaits extradition to the US to face criminal charges that he fraudulently sold bleach as a Covid cure. In the 90-minute interview he effectively presents himself as the source of Trump’s fixation with the healing …

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DOJ Arrests Man Who Peddled “Bleach Cure” To Trump

The New York Daily News reports: A Florida man who had sent a letter to President Trump peddling toxic bleach as a fake coronavirus cure has been arrested by the commander-in-chief’s own Justice Department, an ironic turn of events that comes two months after the nation’s leader suggested the ludicrous method as a possible COVID-19 treatment. Mark Grenon, the self-described …

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