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Arizona Senate Candidate: Women Earn The Same As Men, The Gender Pay Gap Is A “Left Wing Narrative”

Changing America reports: An Arizona Republican Senate candidate recently waved off the existence of a gender pay gap in the U.S., arguing that the measure is merely a myth perpetuated by Democrats and when controlling for “dangerous” jobs that are mostly held by men, “things are actually pretty equal.” “Women are not paid less in America than men,” Blake Masters, …

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AZ Senate Candidate Supports Ban On Contraception

The Arizona Mirror reports: After the U.S. Supreme Court overturns women’s constitutional right to abortion this summer, one Arizona Republican candidate for U.S. Senate thinks judges should also take aim at the right to buy and use contraception. Blake Masters, a Tucson-based venture capitalist, boasts on his website that he will only vote to confirm federal judges “who understand that …

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Peter Thiel Spends $10M To Back His CEO’s Senate Bid

Politico reports: Libertarian tech titan Peter Thiel is spending $10 million to boost one of his closest allies in next year’s Arizona Senate race, a contest crucial to the fight for the majority. The billionaire is coming out in support of Blake Masters, the chief operating officer of Thiel Capital and the president of the Thiel Foundation, who is expected …

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