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Fox Contributor: This Is Like The Flu, Not A Pandemic

“The estimates now from the University of Washington, which is the model everybody’s been going on — even though its been wrong most of the time, by a lot, overstating it — is now, they say 60,000 people will die, Sixty-one thousand is what we lost to the flu in 2017 and 2018 — the flu. “Now, we all regret …

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Bill Bennett: Trump’s Quid Pro Quo Was A Good Thing

“All of foreign relations is a quid pro quo. You know, we do things for them, they do things for us. There’s good quid pro quo and there’s bad quid pro quo. I would argue a really bad quid pro quo was the deal with Iran that President Obama put forward. “This quid pro quo, if it actually was completed …

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Bill Bennett: Who Do You Want Defending You When The Bad Guys Come, The Marines Or CNN? [VIDEO]

Reagan’s Secretary of Education turned wingnut bloviator Bill Bennett appeared on Fox & Friends this morning to deliver what will surely be the stupidest fucking quote you’ll read today. (Unless Trump tweets again, of course.) Via Mediaiate: Bennett referenced a Tweet from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in which she called the press “guardians to our democracy.” The conservative pundit …

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