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Ex-NYPD Head: Black Men Need To Learn “Respect”

“When you listen to what was said, especially by that mongrel thug that found it entertaining that these two had been shot, you know, and you listen to the Democrats talking about reimagining the police, well, reimagine this. “Reimagine that your communities, where they are systemically slaughtering black men and women, how about the men in those communities have chivalry …

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Ex-NYPD Head: Blacks Are The Ones Who Need Reform

“Everything is about reforming the police. How about reforming the community? How about teaching young black men and women, in these communities of color, things like don’t run from the police when you get stopped. Keep your hands on the steering wheel when you get stopped in a car stop. “Don’t make furtive moments, don’t put your hands in your …

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Ex-NYPD Leader: Buffalo Man Got What He Deserved

“When you watch these videos, listen, when a police officer tells you to move when there is a curfew, you move. When a police officer told you to back up, you back up. You’re not supposed to stick your finger in his face. “You’re not supposed to touch him or throw something on it. They’ve been bombarded with bricks, rocks, …

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