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Buzzfeed Editor Defends #PissGate Leak [VIDEO]

CNN reports: BuzzFeed’s editor in chief says his organization is “proud” of its decision to publish unverified memos alleging that Russian operatives have compromising personal and financial information about President-elect Donald Trump. “We thought that it was important, when you have a blanket claim like he was compromised by Russian intelligence, to share the details,” Ben Smith told CNN’s Brian …

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Ben Smith Jumps Politico For Buzzfeed

Continuing a mini-trend of well-known writers leaving purely political sites for those with a more broad focus, top Politico contributor Ben Smith is leaving for Buzzfeed. After nearly five years of blogging in this space, and seven years of writing a political blog every day, I have a bit of self-referential media news: I’ll be moving on at the end …

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Bloggers Win Privacy Battle With Bronx DA

Room Eight, a blog about NYC politics co-founded by popular Politico.com columnist Ben Smith, has been quietly fighting a subpoena from Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson’s office. The subpoena demanded to know the identity of the Room Eight anonymous blogger “Republican Dissident” who had criticized Johnson’s office. The subpoena carried a warning in capital letters that disclosing its very existence …

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