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Fox News Contributor Claims “Overwhelming Unanimity Among The Media That The Vaccines Are Good” [VIDEO]

“What I see on the right is overwhelming unanimity among the political class and among the media class as well that these vaccines are good. To the degree there’s skepticism, it tends to be about should children be vaccinated or is that something that’s necessary in order to go back to school and the like as opposed to doubting the …

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Fox Host: COVID Disinfo Hasn’t Killed Anybody [VIDEO]

Media Matters has the transcript: JUAN WILLIAMS:: These platforms, they always say, “You know, it’s not our fault. We don’t have anything to do with the content.” But in fact, the content on their platforms is literally killing people. BRET BAIER: Ben? BEN DOMENECH: I want to see that case made from Juan Williams. I want him to find one …

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