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Woman Charged With Siccing Swarm Of Bees On Cops

Boston’s NBC affiliate reports: According to the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department, on October 12th at around 9:15 a.m. 55-year-old Rorie Susan Woods of Hadley pulled up to an ongoing eviction on Memory Lane in Longmeadow in a blue Nissan Xterra. Woods left her dog in the car and immediately went to the bee hives being towed by her SUV, and …

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Dutch Scientists Train Bees To Detect Coronavirus

The Washington Post reports: The fight against the coronavirus pandemic has scientists tapping an unlikely resource: the finely tuned olfactory sense of bees. Dutch researchers on Monday said they have trained honeybees to stick out their tongues when presented with the virus’s unique scent, acting as a kind of rapid test. Although it’s a less conventional method than lab tests, …

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Trump Administration Drops Survey On Declining Bee Populations After FDA Approves Bee-Killing Pesticide

Common Dreams reports: On the heels of the EPA’s June approval of a bee-killing pesticide, the White House said it would stop collecting data on declining honey bee populations—potentially making it impossible to analyze the effects of the chemical and the administration’s other anti-science policies on the pollinators. The USDA cited budget cuts when it said Saturday that it would …

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