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Deep Dive: 25 Years Of Madonna’s Erotica And Sex

This week it’s been 25 years since the simultaneous release of Madonna’s Erotica album and her still controversial S&M-filled coffee table book, Sex. Legendary Rolling Stone critic (and longtime JMG reader) Barry Walters has written a deep dive into their legacy and how they addressed the then-raging AIDS pandemic, which tore through Madonna’s inner circle. Walters unpacks quite a bit, …

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Barry Walters: Why Gay Clubs Are Our Refuge

Veteran music journalist Barry Walters has penned an excellent take on why our nightclubs have always been a refuge for the LGBT community. From Billboard Magazine: Since Stonewall and well before, gay clubs have been our schools, our places of worship. Nightclubs are where we’ve long learned to unlearn hate, and learn to become and love our real selves. They’re …

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Music Journalist Barry Walters Looks Back At Manhattan’s Legendary Saint Disco

Veteran music journalist Barry Walters has penned a fascinating look back at Manhattan’s much-storied Saint nightclub. It begins: From September 1980 to May 1988, The Saint defined gay nightlife in New York during its most tumultuous and literally plagued decade. Conceived by off-Broadway impresario Mailman, who had just scored a runaway success with The New St. Marks Baths, The Saint …

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