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Head Tattoos For “Shaved” Look

From an advertorial on Gay Star News: Marcin Dobiasz, 35, originally from Poland, began losing his hair eight years ago. An actor and DJ, he lost all of his confidence when he went from a sexual lothario to being compared to Patrick Stewart. ‘About two years ago, before the treatment, I stopped dating completely and I wouldn’t take a cap …

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Baldness Pattern Linked To Heart Disease

According to a new study, the manner in which you are losing your hair may indicate whether you are more likely to develop heart disease.  The cohort studies revealed that men who lost most of their hair were 32 percent more likely to develop coronary artery disease than those who did not have hair loss. When looking at balding subjects …

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The Science Of Balding

This seems a logical follow-up to yesterday’s shrinkage post.

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