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Ayn Rand Fans Have A CPAC Booth

The Ayn Rand Institute argues that Social Security is “legalized theft.” At the end of her life, Rand was collecting both Social Security and Medicare benefits, but that was only fair, they say, because that money had already been stolen from her.

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Ayn Rand: How Is She Still A Thing?

From last night’s Last Week Tonight.

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IDAHO: State GOP Rep Intro’s Bill Requiring Atlas Shrugged In High Schools

Idaho GOP state Sen. John Goedde has introduced a bill that requires high school students to read Ayn Rand’s libertarian opus, Atlas Shrugs.  You don’t graduate if you can’t pass a test on the book. The 1957 novel has been embraced by libertarians and the tea party movement, in part for its opposition to “statism” and embrace of capitalism, as …

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